Welcome Message:

We often read articles and poems; view films and videos; see and hear art and other creations.

Each of these experiences brings each of us to a different moment in time, a different way of knowing the world. And with that knowing, we have a new awakening on our own journey.

We encourage you to step boldly into the Challenge, whether your it’s your first or fifth time, with fresh eyes, a curious mind and an open heart!

Throughout these twenty-one days of the Challenge, consider talking to others in your life, work, and communities about what you are reading and experiencing along the way. Let others walk with you and join you in this journey!

  1. To get yourself ready for this year’s Challenge, we suggest that you do the following. Read or re-read these two short pieces on the connection between racism and food systems:
  1. Review this glossary of relevant terms for Racial Equity Tools, especially those terms that are less familiar.
  2. Set some intentions for your participation
    • Where do you want to be by April 21st (the end of this year’s Challenge) in your understanding of and commitment/capacity to address racism in the food system (and related systems)?
    • To help you answer this question, you may want to take a few moments to get quiet, perhaps close your eyes, take a few breaths and ask yourself what would you most want to come from your participation in this year’s Challenge?
    • What do you want for yourself? What do you want for others to whom you are connected and with whom you may be interacting over the course of and after Challenge?
    • And what are you willing to give to this year’s Challenge in terms of time and commitment so that you get the most out of it?