Today is Day 1 of the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge. This week’s theme is “Identities and the Stories that Need to Be Told.”

Locating Ourselves and Racial Identity Formation: What does it mean to understand ourselves in stages of racial identity development?

Reflect on the different stages of racial identity development. We invite you to visit or revisit these models which were available in last year’s Challenge – or to consult the appropriate worksheets from Sandra Chapman.

If you have participated in the Challenge before and/or considered your own racial identity development, do you have a different perspective this time around? 

How do you think about your own racial identity and its relevance to your life, work, studies and/or volunteerism in the food system (or as an eater)? 

Consider doing an art response (drawing, poetry, music, collage, etc.) regarding where you are in your development. Have a conversation with a friend or family member about racial identity development. Also consider talking with someone you know, who would be willing, who identifies as being of a different race. 

You may want to supplement with watching some of the videos from The New York Times on racial identity in America.