What do Food Chain Workers have to do with our food systems?

We would not have the food system that we have in this country, and in this world, were it not for food chain workers (farmworkers, warehouse workers, meatpackers, seafood processors, line cooks, restaurant servers, etc.) many of whom are people of color, immigrants and migrant laborers who go largely underappreciated, underpaid and in some cases, severely mistreated.

We invite you to listen to a couple of the stories from the series “Voices from the Food Chain” – a project of the Food Chain Workers Alliance and Real Food Media. How do these stories impact you? What surprises you? What questions do they raise? Consider sharing these stories and your reactions with others and note their reactions.

At Food Solutions New England, we are committed to working for food systems that are characterized by dignity for everyone, including workers and those who come from other places to grow and process the food we eat.

We invite you to get curious about the workers you otherwise may not notice or think about who help get the food you eat to you. Who are they? Where do they come from? Do you know anything about their working conditions? How are they treated? Do they have benefits? How visible or organized are they in your town or city? With these questions in mind, how does this affect your understanding of how our food system works?