Internalized Racism: How do internalized racial inferiority and internalized white superiority show up and what can we do about it?

As the levels of racismshow, internalized racism is one way in which oppression plays out and is perpetuated and exacerbated. To learn more about internalized racism, consider this website and especially focus on the sections providing more detail about “internalized racial inferiority” and “internalized white superiority.

As you read about the features, manifestations and consequences of internalized inferiority andinternalized white superiority, what comes up for you? How does this connect with what you experience and/or observe in your food system-related work, studies and community?

Do you currently focus on healingin your food systems work, studies or activities? If so, what does that look like? If not, might you and how? What steps can you take to help shift consciousness and support transformation around the traumatizing impacts of racism?

If you want to go deeper:

Here is a resource list of racial reconciliation and healing tools, processes, and case studies from Racial Equity Tools. You might also consider listening to the Healing Justice podcast.