Institutional Racism:  How does racism live formally and informally in our organizations and communities and how can we uproot it?

Institutional racism can reside in both the formal and informal workings of organizations and institutions. It exists in formal policies, for example, and in unwritten and unspoken norms of behavior.

Here we invite you to shine a light on your workplace, school, place of worship, or food system-related organization. Consider where the organization falls on this continuum on becoming an anti-racist multicultural organization.

As you do your assessment, perhaps with others, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. What comes up for you? Also consider what might be done to nudge this organization/community to be more fully anti-racist, equitable and liberatory. Consider sharing your observations with others. What are their reactions and observations?

In addition, this two-minute videospeaks to building public institutional capacity to pursue equity and authentic engagement. What comes up for you as you watch this?