White Supremacist/Dominant Culture (Part 1): How does this show up, prevail upon and impact our work and our lives??

Work for racial justice in our food and other systems must include naming and de-centering whiteness, white privilege, and white superiority/supremacy. As various historians have pointed out, the invention of the concept of whiteness in our country has been used to divide groups (including poor white working class people and people of color) and to justify inhumane acts, unearned privilege, and oppressive power structures. Ultimately this dehumanizes everyone (including white people) and erodes our social fabric.

It is important not just to name white privilege, but also the power that is used to preserve white privilege – white superiority/supremacy. One way to do this is to understand that there is a continuum of white superiority that is not simply about what may come to our minds as the most extreme forms. We suggest looking at this framework to get a better idea of the continuum.

What comes up for you as you review this framework – thoughts, feelings, ideas, images?

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