White Supremacist/Dominant Culture (Part 2): What can we do to de-center and dismantle white supremacy?

Picking up from yesterday’s prompt, another important step is to understand how white cultural norms dominate many of our workplaces, communities and public institutions. Here is one take on what that can look like.

As you read through the standards and norms in the left column, what are your reactions? What currently shows up problematically in your workplace or community? Which antidotes (in the right column) resonate with you or have you seen implemented?

If you are a person of color working to de-center whiteness in yourself, check out Chapter 5 of this resourceto explore the impact of internalized racial inferiority and oppression on people of color at the internal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels.

There are many ways that white people can show up as “accomplices” (as opposed to allies) in the struggle for racial justice and work to de-center and dismantle whiteness. See some ideas on this site. Which have you used or seen used? What else would you add?