Thank you for joining the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge hosted by Food Solutions New England.

Each day of the Racial Equity Challenge (this year that’s March 30 through April 19), there will be a new prompt emailed to you and posted here to guide your journey. The weekends will be times to get caught up and daily emails with include suggestions for reflection on the material from the week before.

We hope to have a vibrant conversation with diverse perspectives and thoughtful reflections – please join in!

The prompts are suggestions for daily engagement in the Racial Equity Challenge and you can always check out our resource list for more.

How to use these Discussion Forums

We invite you to share your reflections on the daily prompts through the comment section of each post. We also encourage you to share through poetry (original or not) and through art – music, video, and visuals (if you can share a link). Please feel free to share related resources, learnings, conversations, or actions, too. Ask questions. Be curious and kind. Remember that different people are at different points in their learning and understanding.

Each day, one of our moderators will be checking in and commenting to help keep the dialogue going.


Here are the general guidelines for commenting as part of the Racial Equity Challenge:

  1. Keep the comments on topic.
  2. Direct comments to the topic, not at each other or individuals.
  3. Do not use profanity.
  4. Keep the conversation thoughtful, considerate, and respectful.

We retain the right to remove anything at any time for any reason.

The conversation will be moderated by members of Food Solutions New England’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge Planning Committee.

Please email Food Solutions New England with any questions you may have!

You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter #FSNEEquityChallenge.